[Full Album] B.O.C Madaki – Allah Ya Tsare

Most consistent and top northern rapper, B.O.C Madaki wraps up the year at its last hour with a new album titled ‘Allah Ya Tsare‘ which contains 7 great tracks.

B.o.C Madaki’s new album ‘Allah Ya Tsare‘ mostly talks more of his personal experience while growing up and his music career… The tracks in the new album include: 1. Rites of Passage, 2. Idan da Rai (ft. C Man), 3. Katako (ft. Idreal), 4. Material, 5. Wa Ya Sani, 6.Yaya Dai (ft. Kahli Abdu), 7. Allah Ya Tsare.

Download the full album ‘Allah Ya Tsare’ by BoC Madaki below.
Rites of Passage DOWNLOAD
Idan da Rai (ft. C Man) DOWNLOAD
Katako (ft. Idreal) DOWNLOAD
Yaya Dai (ft. Kahli Abdu) DOWNLOAD
Allah Ya Tsare DOWNLOAD

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