GLO 0.0K Back and better with tweakware

Xup everyone this is an update
to The current Glo unlimited
Here we are going to be using
the Import Tweak method which
is much more faster and very
stable when connecting and
during connection
Download the import Tweak
{Pack 1} file here >>
Download Glo ⚡Unlimited⚡
{Import Tweak}.zip it’s in zip
format so unzip the file.
After unzipping the file, open
the Tweakware app
GOTO settings
Click on import Tweak
Select the file and choose the
file which you unzipped
Tick on anyone
After that.
Go back to the main screen,
Select import Tweak
And click Connect
The link again is >> Download Glo
⚡Unlimited⚡ {Import Tweak}
More updates coming soon
If you encounter any problem on
the way feel free to drop them

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and it will be attended to

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